How do I join Balwearie?


Please follow the instructions on the Before you join page


Do I contact the club before attending a class?

NO!  You can complete the book a trial form online to book a trial in your chosen class


Do you have spaces available?


All classes with spaces are listed on the timetable page


Do you operate waiting lists?


Yes - some classes have waiting lists (all will have them soon)

What are your term dates?

The club does not operate by terms - we only close for 2 weeks in the summer and 2 weeks at Christmas.


What are the Joining Fees?


All joining fees are on the before you join page of the website.



Do I need to book a space?


YES - Please book via the timetable page on the website


What are the monthly Fees?

Fees are listed on the more information section on the timetable page


What should I wear?


A leotard is prefered, but if you do not have one then suitable clothing for gymnastics eg- shorts/leggings/tracksuit/t-shirt




Do you close for School Holidays?


No! The club will close the first 2 weeks of the school summer holidays and 2 weeks at Christmans time - your fees are calculated to include this