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How do I join Balwearie?


Please follow the instructions on the Home Page


Do I contact the club before attending a class?

YES, please complete the joining form and someone form the club will contact you 


Do you have spaces available?


Most of our classes currently have spaces.  We can advise you of availability when we contact you. 


Do you operate waiting lists?


Yes - and spaces are allocated by date you joined

What are your term dates?

The club does not operate by terms - we only close for 2 weeks in the summer and 2 weeks at Christmas.


What are the Joining Fees?


2024/2025 Joining Fees are £15 annual Membership - Payable at time of joining or £2 per month + your gymnasts insurance payable direct to Scottish/British Gymnastics.  Monthly class fees are currently £25.66 for 45 mins and £32.58 for a 1 hour class


Do I need to book a space?


YES - Please complete the Registration form on the website


What are the monthly Fees?

2024/2025 fees are currently £25.66 Pre school/Parent & Toddler & £32.58 for all 1 hour general classes  these prices are effective from April 2024


What should I wear?


A leotard is preferred (you can purchase via our shop) , but if you do not have one then suitable clothing for gymnastics eg- shorts/leggings/tracksuit/t-shirt (t-shirt must be able to tuck into shorts or leggings) 




Do you close for School Holidays?


No! The club will close the first 2 weeks of the school summer holidays and 2 weeks at Christmas time - your fees are calculated to include this

Can I Stay and watch my gymnast?

No! we operate from a purpose built facility within an industrial estate and we have a commitment to all businesses within the estate to not have cars parked for long periods of time and at peak times therefore we are a drop off and pick up club only. There is no option to remain in the club for the duration of the class other than parent and toddler which we have scheduled at specific times to enable us to meet this commitment. Thank you for understanding.

How do I Cancel

If your gymnast no longer requires their space in the class please contact the Club to advise and we will cancel their payments, please note that a 1 months notice is required.  Cancelling your payments at your end DOES NOT cancel their space.  

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