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   New Members - Joining Proceedure 

Please open our registration from to see our class timetable and availability  

2022/2023 JOINING PROCEDURES  -  Please follow the instructions below

* Book a trial space online via the Join Now Button this will cost £5 - if you choose to return the following

  week the £5 will be taken off your annual membership fee due at point of joining currently reduced to £10 (£5 trial and £5 

  membership)  - NEW MEMBERSHIP year starts June 2024 -  £15 will be taken via your account at this time for the 2024/2025  

  membership year

* Attend your trial class and enjoy - For Information - we operate from a purpose built facility within an industrial estate and we have a commitment to all businesses within the estate to not have cars parked for long periods of time and at peak times therefore we are a drop off and pick up club only. There is no option to remain in the club for the duration of the class other than parent and toddler which we have scheduled at specific times to enable us to meet this commitment. Thank you for understanding.


* If you wish to return the following week you MUST log back into your account and complete the registration process detailed in your       trial email - If you do not do this the £5 will not be deducted from your membership

Note you cannot attend classes (trial or not) without following the above procedures - Coaches will turn gymnasts away at the door if they do not have them on the class registers 

INITIAL JOINING FEES - due at point of joining after free trial 
BGC Membership is £15 (due June Annually) regardless of class or when you joined

British Gymnastics Insurance also due at point of joining - payable direct to British gymnastics via the link in the email sent to you - then August Annually thereafter

Parent & Toddler & Pre School  -  £16

General Gymnastics - £22

Floor & Vault  - £22

4 piece Competitive - £46



   45 min  pw   -   £25.66 pm (we offer a £4 discount for multiple classes)

   1 hour  pw   -   £32.58 pm (we offer a £5 discount for multiple classes)

   Floor and Vault Classes

   Invitation only class



  £15  -  BGC Membership  Due June & 

  £22  -  British Gymnastics Insurance Due August/September


Both are due at point of joining then Annually as above regardless of when you joined

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