New Members - Joining Proceedure 

NEW JOINING PROCEDURES  -  Please follow the instructions below


* Book a trial space online via the Join Now Button this will cost £5 (if you choose to return the following

  week the £5 will be taken off your £15 annual membership fee due at point of joining and June annually 

* Attend your trial class and enjoy 


* If you wish to return the following week you MUST log back into your account and complete the registration process detailed in your trial email - 

Note you cannot attend classes (trial or not) without following the above procedures - Coaches will turn gymnasts away at the door if they do not have them on the class registers 

INITIAL JOINING FEES - due at point of joining after free trial 
BGC Membership is £15 (due June Annually) regardless of class or when you joined

British Gymnastics Insurance also due at point of joining - payable direct to British gymnastics via the link in the email sent to you - then September Annually thereafter

Parent & Toddler  -  £19

Pre School  -  £19


General Gymnastics - £19


Floor & Vault  - £19


Display - £19

4 piece Competitive - £43



   45 min     -   £20.37

   1 hour     -   £25.52

   Both Floor and Vault Classes

   4 hour  -   £59.96


   Display   -   £67.67

*the above is subject to annual fee increase in April


  £15  -  BGC Membership  Due June & 

  £19  -  British Gymnastics Insurance Due September


Both are due at point of joining then Annually as above regardless of when you joined


  £5 - NATGAP Record books   -  Read more about it here